This is a 1955 Chevy Bel Air we took from a render and made it a reality.
When Duane MacKenzie from Chino initially brought in his beautiful, 1955 Chevy Bel Air to Frank’s Hot Rods Upholstery there was nothing in the interior of the vehicle with the exception of the metal seat frames. We started from scratch and gave this classic beauty a total overhaul from the black German carpet to the raspberry and black leather seats.

The striking raspberry leather extends from the seats to the interior of the glove box compartment while we added hidden and indirect LED lighting throughout the bottom base of the dashboard.

Utilizing the hi-tech 3D rendering, we took great care in hand making the brass trim, seat fobs, and detailed wood grain trim. While continuing to use the rendering, we meticulously constructed custom made speaker grills to match the design on the Bel Air’s package tray and door panels. The center console was also custom built with a storage compartment to accommodate a CD changer.

As with most classic cars, this Bel Air did not have a safety belt system in place so we worked closely with Stangl’s Hot Rods in Temecula to integrate both the front and rear 3 point seatbelts.

For similar vehicles or upon searching the web for “’55 Chevy Custom Trunk” or “Hot Rod Custom Trunk” you will notice that ALL the trunks that have the same type of deck lid hinges just have a cutout or opening for the hinges, but you can still see inside. For this reason, we wanted to create a completely unique design to cover the trunk hinges for the trunk of this hot rod. The pieces we fabricated ascend and descend along with the deck lid so that they are not visible when the trunk is open.

Check out the Custom Hidden Hinges detail
We successfully brought this render to reality and Frank’s Hot Rods Upholstery can do the same for you.


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