Oldsmobile Fiesta Wagon Custom Interior
This custom upholstery project was a truly unique build for our customer and was a pleasure taking part in it.

Our customer purchased this specific vehicle for his wife who showed him a picture of one she saw driving on the freeway. She told her husband if he ever bought her any type of custom car she wanted one like this one.

After he saw the picture and didn’t know what type of car he was looking at, he began his research and found out it was a 1957 Oldsmobile Fiesta wagon. The next challenge was to find one of these rare wagons that wasn’t completely demolished and could be restored. He searched and searched until he found one that was in decent shape and then purchased it.

Our customer NEVER mentioned to his wife he was looking for one nor he had found one and ESPECIALLY that he had bought one.

He kept this COMPLETE build a secret. His wife had no idea whatsoever this vehicle existed.

The build was an ongoing build for approximately 3 years before it came to us for the custom upholstery.

He personally chose the color scheme for the custom paint job and now needed a custom interior to accompany it.

Together we were able to choose the colors and materials to tie together the custom paint job to the custom interior.

As far as the style of interior he wanted, he chose to go somewhat retro style. Aside from the colors he did not want to make it completely custom or modern looking.

The only real change that was made was the fabrication of the custom speaker enclosures to make it look like it was part of the interior and not something that was added on.

After we completed the custom Interior this custom wagon went back to the builder were it is now being finished.

This wagon ended up as a feature article in Hot Rod Magazine. Here is a link to the article.


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