Fleet Vehicle Upholstery & Golf Carts

Frank’s Hot Rods Auto Upholstery offers fleet auto upholstery repair for any sort of company, municipality or school district because we know the amount of wear and abuse your fleet vehicles and golf carts take day in and day out. From small rip and tear repair to complete fleet vehicle interior re-upholstery on any size fleet including golf carts, buses, trash trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, police vehicles, ambulances, heavy machinery landscape trucks and construction trucks.
Unique Needs of Fleet Vehicle Upholstery
We are familiar with torn seat covers, mangled foam cushions, broken springs and even occasional broken frames/tracks. Fleet vehicles and golf carts take more abuse than regular cars and trucks. As a result, the interiors of your fleet vehicles and golf cart seats tend to get damaged or worn out long before the end of their service lives. By re-upholstering the interior or seats, you can extend the life of your vehicles and golf carts – saving you money.

We also offer seat cover repair consisting of replacing the specific damaged section of the seat cover when possible. This option will save you time and money, but will maintain the original look of your fleet vehicle.

Our fleet vehicle upholstery repairs and re-upholstery are tough grade durable vinyls to withstand heavy daily use as well as poor weather conditions. Franks Hot Rods Auto Upholstery can also install easy cleaning rubber flooring to make it easier to keep your fleet looking good.

We have the ability to produce bulk orders for any type of golf cart seats, foam cushions, chairs and fleet vehicle seat covers. With a choice of a wide variety of materials we can guarantee you will find the right choice for your project.

Fleet Vehicle Upholstery Billing
We offer hassle free Net-30 billing at no additional charge on any fleet vehicle accounts. We currently provide service for the California Highway Patrol, Rancho Ford, DCH Honda, Acura, Dodge, Temecula Hyundai, John Hine Mazda, and other local dealerships and business.

Frank’s Hot Rods Auto Upholstery understands the potential revenue a company looses when a fleet vehicle is out of commission for a repair, therefore we offer quick turn around time minimizing the amount of time a vehicle is out of the field.

Examples of our work on repairing and replacing fleet vehicle upholstery and golf cart seats:


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