Sagging Minivan Headliner Reupholstery
Sagging or bubbling headliners in cars, trucks and minivans are a common problem in Temecula and the surrounding communities. Age of the vehicle and our hot, desert climate causes the materials of the headliner to become dilapidated Headliner material consists of thin cloth attached to thin foam backing. With time and our hot summers, the foam backing begins to deteriorate and separates from the cloth, causing it to sag. In order to fix this issue the headliner board must be completely removed from the vehicle. Once the headliner board is removed from the car it is then stripped of the material and cleaned of all existing foam and debris. Once cleaned it is then re-upholstered and installed in the vehicle.

Attached are pictures of a headliner we recently re-upholstered. Included are pictures of the sagging headliner material inside the van, the headliner removed and what the re-upholstered headliner looks like installed.


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