Convertible Top Replacement & Repair

Franks Hot Rods Upholstery specializes in convertible top replacement and repair on foreign and domestic cars both new and old. We can install factory replacement tops or we are an authorized dealer and installer for Robbins Auto Top.

If your convertible top is worn, torn, badly damaged or the frame is not functioning properly we have the knowledge and expertise to address the issue.
We offer rear glass window replacement on all make and model convertibles.
While your convertible top replacement or convertible top window is being done we inspect all the components associated with the convertible to ensure everything is in good working order. If any components need to be replaced we advise our customers ahead of time before moving forward with the job.

All our aftermarket convertible tops and windows have a manufacturer warranty and we warranty the installation of any of their products.
We can replace many of the parts that are associated with your convertible car top like:

rear convertible windows

convertible top latches

convertible top pads

convertible top headliners

convertible top straps and cables

Sometimes the top is too badly worn or damaged and a convertible top replacement is your only option. Frank’s Hot Rods Upholstery can replace just the canvas or leather top if the underlying hardware is in good working order. We can also replace all the hardware and top if the necessity arises.

Take advantage of our NO credit check financing options and replace your convertible top today!!!

Examples of our work on repairing and replacing convertible tops on cars and Jeeps.

Mazda Miata Convertible Top Replacement

This Mazda Miata’s convertible top was being replaced because the original convertible top was torn in a couple places and the rear window was collapsing. When replacing this particular top the customer decided to upgrade to a one piece convertible top. The one piece convertible top has the rear glass window sealed to the top…


Toyota Celica Convertible Top Replacement

This Toyota Celica’s convertible top was old, torn and worn. The rear glass window collapsed and was obviously not protecting the interior from water. For this particular vehicle the design of the convertible is like most of the older model vehicles where the convertible top and rear glass window are two separate pieces, therefore if…


Mercedes Benz 560 SL Convertible Top Replacement

Below are pictures of a Mercedes Benz 560 SL convertible that needed the convertible top replaced. The convertible top installed was an aftermarket top with plastic rear windows as original. Even though the replacement top is aftermarket, the material used to make it is the original German material used in factory replacement tops.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible Top

The convertible top for this 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse was replaced through our customer’s insurance provider due to the rear glass window collapsing. The rear glass window and the convertible top for this particular vehicle is a one piece assembly. The rear glass window is sealed to the convertible top and sold as one piece. The…


2004 Mustang Convertible Rear Window Replacement

2004 Ford Mustang Rear Glass Window replacement. When the rear glass window breaks the top does not need to be replaced on 2005 and older convertible Mustangs. The glass is sealed to the lower piece of material that matches the convertible top. It is very common for the glass to separate from the lower or upper…


2011 Ford Mustang Convertible Top Replacement

2011 Ford Mustang Convertible Top Replacement The owner of this vehicle initially decided to go with an aftermarket top, but then changed his mind after the installation was completed and wanted a factory top. He was very particular and noticed small differences between the factory and aftermarket top. I have included pictures of both completed…


Chevy Camaro Custom Interior & Convertible Top

This Chevy Camaro needed a custom leather interior and new convertible top to match the rest of the car and Frank’s Hot Rods Upholstery was up to the task. After stripping the car’s interior we covered the floor with Dynamat Sound Suppression panels to lessen the road noise. We covered the seats and custom fabricated…



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