1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GT 350 Custom Interior
Here is a custom 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GT 350 Clone built by Barry’s Speed Shop in Corona, Ca. There was definitely a lot of custom additions made to this Mustang to give it the look style and performance it now has.

Rear windows were added to the original fastback and then given custom style stripes to set it apart from any other GT 350 clones.

The proud owner of this custom Mustang was looking for a custom interior to set it apart from the rest of the herd.

We decided to go with a black leather interior and accent it with a blue perforated leather to match the custom exterior stripes.

Custom roll bars were fabricated by Barry’s Speed Shop and were then upholstered by us in black leather to match the rest of the interior. If you pay close attention to the roll bars you will notice they are virtually seamless. There is no visible seam anywhere on these roll bars.

All the interior panels were upholstered in leather including the actual door panels on the car.

A custom Cobra insignia was added to the leather wrapped seat backs.

After insulating the floor board we then upholstered them in gray German square weave carpet.

The trunk was completely customized to accommodate the custom fuel cell, battery and misc. components. Panels were fabricated to enclose these items and then wrapped in matching black leather.


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